January 2008

So it’s been a while. My classes have started back and I’ve been really busy. I have been cooking though, even if not as much as I want. It’s been really cold here and it’s snowing now so for dinner last night I wanted to make something warm and heavy. I made cheesy ham chowder from Kitchenette’s blog. Very yummy. It was so full of cheese and bacon that my husband has decided to call it heart attack soup. Worth every calorie in my opinion. I did add some Cajun seasonings that I had in the spice rack, may try it with Tabasco in my next bowl…

I made rotisserie chicken salad for this post because it’s simple.

Not exactly photogenic, but easy. The trick is using a store-bought rotisserie chicken, I prefer the lemon pepper ones, and getting all your meat off of it.



My girls came over for dinner Friday night. Poor Laura has no kitchen up in NY and she’s starving for home cooked food. I think this went over well.

This is a pretty good beef recipe for people who like meat in varying degrees of doneness. It’s nice and pink in the center and more done towards the ends. The potato salad is full of Dill which I really love in potatoes of any kind. Served with salad, bread and a Petit Bistro Syrah red wine I was quite satisfied. Recipes serve 5-7 today.


So Azzy, Laura said I should do this for you.

Here my darling, are instructions on cooking pancakes. 😛


Tonight’s dinner was pork-chops stuffed with apples and cheese.

I loved them. The husband wasn’t fond of the apples so I probably won’t make them just for the two of us again. They went well with the stuffing and probably would be good with a mild potato dish. Recipe serves 2.


This is the beginning of Paint Your Tongue. My goal is to post something tasty and beautiful at least once a week. I love food. Food that is both delicious and beautiful is one of my worldly pleasures. I’m hoping to make it a bit easier to bring that into your life.

Good Tasting!