So Azzy, Laura said I should do this for you.

Here my darling, are instructions on cooking pancakes. 😛

I, first off, use the Bisquick pancake mix you shake. It’s easy and tasty.



Bisquick pancake mix in the shaker jug



Heat and grease your pan or griddle. If you’re using a pan on the stove, one with round sides rather than the kind that go straight up work better. Start off with just over medium heat. You want to use as little butter as you can to grease the bottom, less burning and face it, we’re making pancakes not funnel cakes here.

Pour in your pancake. Not too big, I usually go just over the diameter of the spatula I’m using. When the bubbles form in the pancake, gently flip it over. They look like this:

Cook for a minute or so more on the other side and then remove! If side two looks too light for your tastes give it a bit more time. You can always cook more, but once they’re burnt you can’t take it back.




Things to know:

You’ll want to make sure there’s butter on the bottom of the pan for each new pancake.
If the butter starts turning brown, your heat’s too high.
The fastest way to cool a pan is to take it off the heat.
Real maple syrup is yummier than the corn syrup kind. 😛

So Azzy, I think this means Laura is expecting you to cook her pancakes.

Good Tasting!