February 2008

So I have no real cooked food for you today. I’m taking 17 credit hours this quarter and it’s murderizing me. I don’t have time to cook dinner much ( don’t get home till after eight most nights) but I do try to pack a bento lunch for Brian and I as often as I can. so you get those pictures!

This really turned out tastier than I expected when making it.



This is not your box macaroni. This macaroni is amazing. It’s gooey, cheesy and very grown up. It has vegetables in it! And perhaps even better, it makes your kitchen smell like smoked cheese.

Why aren’t you making this already?!?! I’ve been craving this mac and cheese for a month but haven’t gotten around to making it. I made this for thanksgiving last year and it was extremely well received, one of my sisters was still talking about it when I saw her for Christmas.