So I have no real cooked food for you today. I’m taking 17 credit hours this quarter and it’s murderizing me. I don’t have time to cook dinner much ( don’t get home till after eight most nights) but I do try to pack a bento lunch for Brian and I as often as I can. so you get those pictures!

This really turned out tastier than I expected when making it.

This one is Buckwheat soba noodles tossed in a pan with Hoisen and Sriracha sauce with grilled tofu cutlet on top. the rest is an onigiri and a Clementine. I’m disappointed with the onigiri. I made these a while ago and that may be the problem, but out of the freezer they fell apart and had no flavor.

We also have

Which is tuna salad and wheat thins with more sad onigiri.

And Hubby’s ridiculously cute valentine’s bento.

lil’ smokies made into hearts, gouda mac and cheese with ham and american cheese on top, valentines chocolates and ham sandwiches.

One of the highlights of my food week was the Somen Salad. OMG this stuff is amazing. Laura I even think you could make it in the dorm. the only actual cooking is boiling the somen. Big thank you out to Allison and her momma at Sushi Day for this recipe.