So it’s 10:30, I’m exhausted and I sooo didn’t cook tonight. I therefore have no pictures for you. Instead, I’m leaving you with my favorite pie recipe ever. Maybe when I make it this season I’ll take pictures. This takes everything you like about cranberries, adds butter and serves it like a cherry pie. How can you not love this?

Also, I have friends coming tomorrow and I swear I will give you the most beautiful galettes over the next couple days.



Last year my brother asked me to bring pumpkin cookies to a Halloween party. I think he was imagining pumpkin shaped sugar cookies or something because when I showed up with these he was amazed, and fell in love.  So at least once a year I make these cookies for my silly little brother. These are some of the most cakey cookies I’ve ever had and they bake in almost the exact shape dropped on the pan.