Side dishes

So the galettes I’m posting are a little small, well, too small to serve 8 atleast. For the party last night I made two kinds. The butternut squash one I posted last night and this one with cabbage and mushrooms.

I pretty much said all I had to say about these yesterday. I will say that I should have used more dough on this one, I don’t know if its really more or if I just used too much cabbage… Alos, it’s really good with the horseraddish sauce so don’t leave it in the fridge and forget about it like I did.

cabbage galette (more…)


It’s game night over here. Every month or so we try to get friends over or we go over there, have dinner, play some board games and catch up. It was at my house this time around so I got to make the fancy food.

I made pastry dough from scratch!!!! No really this is a big deal for me. I’m a big fan of refrigerated dough. You know that cranberry pie I gave you yesterday? This year I might make dough myself. I’ve fallen in love with this pastry recipe. It turned out really light and flaky.



So I have no real cooked food for you today. I’m taking 17 credit hours this quarter and it’s murderizing me. I don’t have time to cook dinner much ( don’t get home till after eight most nights) but I do try to pack a bento lunch for Brian and I as often as I can. so you get those pictures!

This really turned out tastier than I expected when making it.


This is not your box macaroni. This macaroni is amazing. It’s gooey, cheesy and very grown up. It has vegetables in it! And perhaps even better, it makes your kitchen smell like smoked cheese.

Why aren’t you making this already?!?! I’ve been craving this mac and cheese for a month but haven’t gotten around to making it. I made this for thanksgiving last year and it was extremely well received, one of my sisters was still talking about it when I saw her for Christmas.


My girls came over for dinner Friday night. Poor Laura has no kitchen up in NY and she’s starving for home cooked food. I think this went over well.

This is a pretty good beef recipe for people who like meat in varying degrees of doneness. It’s nice and pink in the center and more done towards the ends. The potato salad is full of Dill which I really love in potatoes of any kind. Served with salad, bread and a Petit Bistro Syrah red wine I was quite satisfied. Recipes serve 5-7 today.