I have officially flunked out of NaBloPoMo. Just completely forgot about it last night. I’m ok with that though. The night I had to post the asparagus souffle recipe I had to do it from my phone…

I’ll definitely try to post more though!


In an effort to come up with more complicated food that isn’t me trying to throw something together, I went to my cookbooks. Alas, my collection is lacking. What I do have is Jacques Pepin’s Happy Cooking which has turned out to be a decent book.


As part of dia de los muertos, we try to cook foods that our family loved. My Sizzy, mom’s mom, evidently used to make a great lasagne with red wine in it. Sometime in the almost 20 years and 10 moves since Sizzy’s death the recipe got lost. Mom remembered it had red wine in it and we went from there.


Last year my family started celebrating el dia de los muertos, the day of the dead. It’s a hispanic holiday, which we’re not, but it celebrates and honors your family that has passed. We build an altar with their photos and some of their belongings, light candles for them and share memories. One of the Mexican traditions associated with it is a sweet roll called pan de muerto. This year me made them ourselves since the bakery in town didn’t have any.

I found a recipe on About.com and started there. Their recipe either is broken, or I screwed up. Pan de muerto is an oven baked yeast roll, the recipe called for the dough to rise for one and a half hours before you make it into the rolls. For some reason mine never rose. So here we are staring at this puddle of bread dough wondering what to do when it occured to me; we’re southerners, what do we do that makes everything better? We fry it. And donuts de muerto were born.


I’m going to go for it! Post every day for a month! Here’s wishing me luck. Also, if there’s not a post up by nine, email me please!


This is the beginning of Paint Your Tongue. My goal is to post something tasty and beautiful at least once a week. I love food. Food that is both delicious and beautiful is one of my worldly pleasures. I’m hoping to make it a bit easier to bring that into your life.

Good Tasting!