So the galettes I’m posting are a little small, well, too small to serve 8 atleast. For the party last night I made two kinds. The butternut squash one I posted last night and this one with cabbage and mushrooms.

I pretty much said all I had to say about these yesterday. I will say that I should have used more dough on this one, I don’t know if its really more or if I just used too much cabbage… Alos, it’s really good with the horseraddish sauce so don’t leave it in the fridge and forget about it like I did.

cabbage galette (more…)


It’s game night over here. Every month or so we try to get friends over or we go over there, have dinner, play some board games and catch up. It was at my house this time around so I got to make the fancy food.

I made pastry dough from scratch!!!! No really this is a big deal for me. I’m a big fan of refrigerated dough. You know that cranberry pie I gave you yesterday? This year I might make dough myself. I’ve fallen in love with this pastry recipe. It turned out really light and flaky.



So it’s 10:30, I’m exhausted and I sooo didn’t cook tonight. I therefore have no pictures for you. Instead, I’m leaving you with my favorite pie recipe ever. Maybe when I make it this season I’ll take pictures. This takes everything you like about cranberries, adds butter and serves it like a cherry pie. How can you not love this?

Also, I have friends coming tomorrow and I swear I will give you the most beautiful galettes over the next couple days.


I hope you’re all enjoing these! I’m having trouble remembering to post and keep getting down to the wire. Had a couple days where I didn’t cook dinner at home and that messes me up.

I’ve been wanting to cook this for days. I even thawed chicken on Monday. But it required me to go to the store and I really hate that. I finally went today though and it was worth it.


I’m making some changes from the way I made it when I write it down for you. Namely, I’m adding more tomatoes and I think it needs salt.

Things to think about before you start, pouring a whole bag of fresh spinach into a pan is almost impossible so if you only have one large pot (like I do) plan ahead and cook your pasta first. A little hot water on it right before serving helps loosen any stickiness. I put mine in a glass bowl with aluminum foil while I cooked the sauce


I love Chicken Salad. Just about any kind. I don’t like having to cook a chicken for it. This is why I use rotisserie chickens. I’m starting to think the hard thing about doing NaBloPoMo is going to be coming up with something clever to write before my recipe. There’s nothing really to say about this. I bought a chicken and needed to make it into something. My favorite thing is to make it into chicken salad.

(edit: I’m really an airhead sometimes and can’t remember to tag or categorize my posts…)



Last year my brother asked me to bring pumpkin cookies to a Halloween party. I think he was imagining pumpkin shaped sugar cookies or something because when I showed up with these he was amazed, and fell in love.  So at least once a year I make these cookies for my silly little brother. These are some of the most cakey cookies I’ve ever had and they bake in almost the exact shape dropped on the pan.


As part of dia de los muertos, we try to cook foods that our family loved. My Sizzy, mom’s mom, evidently used to make a great lasagne with red wine in it. Sometime in the almost 20 years and 10 moves since Sizzy’s death the recipe got lost. Mom remembered it had red wine in it and we went from there.