It was a rough day for me food-wise. I had some time between jobs so I went to Binders to pick up some new paint pens and then stopped in at the newly renovated Disco Kroger. Kroger has started renovating their stores to turn them into these beautiful, open places with more exotic fruits and fresher vegetables. There was a manned sushi bar in the one I went into today. They’ve installed new shelves that keep the vegetables off of each other. Attended seafood and meat counters. It was like a Whole Foods Market but a Kroger! It was beautiful. But instead of getting to buy all those pretty fresh veggies, I had to go to work.

On my way home today I stopped at my dismal Publix to buy dinner. The vegetables there are ALWAYS lacking. I try not to shop there but it’s the closest grocery and I was tired. Spent the next half hour getting crankier and crankier as I couldn’t find what I wanted. Tomorrow I’m going somewhere else.

That being said, I absolutely didn’t want to cook and I really couldn’t without ingredients. So I went to a favorite of my friend Fara, beans on toast.

hpim1244It was perfect for my day. The beans I used were just a little bit sweet. Over toast and cheese with a nice fried egg. mmm.

So here’s the “recipe”, great for a nice cloudy day lunch, or dinner when you’ve lost faith in your grocery store.