I made this for the first time several months ago; once again borrowing recipes from Smitten Kitchen. She talks about diving into a cookbook with such glee that it makes me want to start buying cookbooks. While I love fussy food, I never seem to want to make anything I see in a cook book. But this recipe is far from fussy in my opinion. From “Honey what’s for dinner? We’re out of food.” to “Dinner’s ready.” was thirty minutes at the most. Even with my gimpy food processor. So here’s the recipe, complete with her notes on the bottom!

hpim1242I will say it didn’t look that dark in real life… Maybe tomorrow you’ll get a recipe from somewhere other than my blog crush.



My girls came over for dinner Friday night. Poor Laura has no kitchen up in NY and she’s starving for home cooked food. I think this went over well.

This is a pretty good beef recipe for people who like meat in varying degrees of doneness. It’s nice and pink in the center and more done towards the ends. The potato salad is full of Dill which I really love in potatoes of any kind. Served with salad, bread and a Petit Bistro Syrah red wine I was quite satisfied. Recipes serve 5-7 today.