Okay, so first things first. I got blogged about! This is a first for me and it probably wasn’t even very big, just a mention of a creative cranberry recipe, but it means people are really reading my blog! So thank you Sugared Ellipses and thank you everyone else.

So I know you didn’t come here for the gushing, you came here for food. I have a doosy for you today. I made the most delicious enchiladas. They were so easy too. For simplicity I went back to my staple, Kroger’s rotisserie chicken. If you include the time it took me to de-bone and de-fat the chicken, this took 30 minutes, a good thing when you’ve spent the morning playing with a three year old (not mine). These were cheesy, salty and perfectly spiced. They did however use bottled taco sauce, it was really tasty taco sauce though. So here’s an assemble and go enchilada recipe for you.

Also, I’ve misplaced my camera charger so you don’t get a picture of this. Just imagine lots of cheese.